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Retrieved October 25, June 17, However she was just a figment created by Sora's heart. No Name. Archived from the original on December 26, Aqua is quick to get to Ventus' side, just as a large wave of Heartless appear and create a giant wave of Darkness. Xehanort: Terra's heart has been extinguished — smothered by the darkness within him. In This Wiki Guide.

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Retrieved March 2, Press in midair for a burst of speed. She is also able to use Teleport in both offensive and defensive ways, being able to effortlessly dodge attacks or to land devastating surprise attacks on her enemy.

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As Riku attempts to wake Sora on his own side of the dream, Sora recalls when Aqua came to Destiny Islands, and nearly wakes up. Even if your favorite command didn't make the cut for this guide, don't be afraid to utilize it, especially if you can pair it with another ability for a combo. Shake the earth and cause boulders to burst forth which knock enemies into the air and stun them in the process.

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Retrieved November 30, I would never let that happen. Archived from the original on November 7,

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Press the button at the right time to knock enemies into the air and then smack them back down. A Thunder spell she can use is Thundaga Shot. Get real? Bind any enemies grouped around the target you have locked on, forcing them to stay in one place. He further instructs him to destroy Vanitas, the source of the Unversed, who was created from the darkness extracted from Ventus's heart. Ansem the Wise finds an amnesiac Xehanort still possessing Terra's body, while Ventus's heart reconnects with and rests inside the heart of a young Sora, the newborn who had previously saved him on the islands. Aqua responds that she will be staying, waiting for someone to come find her. Studio BentStuff. Finally, she can conjure spheres of light using the Reflect element or Magical orbs with elemental characteristics with Magic Pulse. Archived from the original on 8 September

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Get out of my heart! Line up your markers with the analog stick to trigger an explosion. Basically, you create exploding Unversed popsicles.

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While Toyoguchi used a low tone with Paine, she used a tone closer to her original voice when performing as Aqua, which Nomura praised. Aqua appears horrified, but Master Xehanort makes an appearance and tells about the history of the Keyblade War. If he were to-- If those powers were to prove too much for him to handle, I want you to bring him back to me at once. Mickey concludes Terra-Xehanort is the thirteenth member of the Real Organization.

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