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File Size. His long neck and head swung over to look at the human, lips drawing back to expose razor sharp teeth, a scowl of scorn. From The Notorious Naruto in Skyrim!?! Pitch your own ideas for mods to include and I'll think it over. Question is, how'd I get specifically in here? Triumphantly, the seal poofed with smoke, and the kunai appeared. Not my best take on the world of Skyrim, I know, but it IS my first. Smiling, Naruto nodded off to the side.

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I think you're right. The last thing he remembered was that Bijuduama going off in front of the three of them; himself, Sasuke, and Minato. The Right Hand by Sorugao-BandGeek reviews It has been centuries since the last true Dovahkiin, but it has been even longer, since the Whirlpool Clan was last mentioned. They are a group of warriors that appear to be similar to the Fighter's Guild in Cyrodiil; they came here an Era or two ago.

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And my half let me do this. Landing in a forest and taken to a fortress prison, Naruto escapes, making a friend along the way, and becomes an Adventurer! Skyrim awaits!

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Where he finds himself in the company of a stubborn nord woman. What about Sasuke? Terms of Service. The last thing he remembered was that Bijuduama going off in front of the three of them; himself, Sasuke, and Minato.

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No he wasn't reborn into the role. Pride's Edge I want a piece of that! There's just one problem I am using the vanilla version no dlc and it works perfectly. Next came un sealing it; putting her hands back, she used the spiral pattern to unseal it. Anyway, for those of you who play PC Skyrim, and thus use mods you'd be doing it wrong not to, I'm sorry you'll recognize the opening as the "I want to get out of this cell" choice if the Mara statue was there. That means we won the war! Meet this one's new friend; he is very funny!

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Naruto, however, tapped into a bit of Son Goku's chakra, coating the bolt in fire chakra, and they both fired. Alduin levered himself up with a furious roar, eyes ablaze with fire and fury. Each word was punctuated by another blow, each stronger than the last.

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His clothes -what little remained of them- were rags ruined by his stay in the dragon's stomach. He remained aloft a moment longer, sneering down at this impotent mortal. When unexpected problems arise connecting the two worlds, how will Naruto and the Dovahkiin handle their intertwining fates?

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