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For the first time since the match against Azuma, Sawamura and Miyuki form a battery. However all the balls are at his feet. Over at another stadium Hisashi Watanabe watches the Inashiro game against Ugumori and is stunned to see Inashiro has only scored 1 run. Only after seeing his captain crying, Sawamura realizes that they were just one out away from Koshien and he too starts to cry. His teammates teased him at one point, saying that Sanada seems like the upgraded version of Sawamura, due to the similarities in their pitching style. As Seidos's players continue to get confused by Narumiya's pitches, Coach Katoka comes up with a dangerous plan. Inashiro's defense begins to shift for the threat, but they are all shocked when Ryousuke asks Katoka to replace with a pinch hitter. Kawakami is then subbed in by the 7th inning to replace Furuya to keep him fresh as the coaches considered the possibility of the looming 3rd round match against Komadai. Since his 2nd year, Sawamura has considerably improved the speed of his pitch, his control and can connect with the ball now — if he does it from the bunting stance. Sawamura specializes in throwing idiosyncratic pitches or commonly known to Western fans as "breaking fastball pitches".

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This episode covers chapters 47 to Learning the changeup actually helped unseal Sawamura's breaking pitch potential. Coach Kataoka inserts Haruichi as a pinch hitter, and he responds by getting on base. Up next to bat is Sanada, to whom Miyuki calls for a moving fastball to the outside.

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Eijun is placed on the mound, and Hariuchi is placed at shortstop. Monthly Baseball Kingdom finishes their recap of the Summer Tournament by finishing the review on the Seido, Inashiro regional championship game. Haruichi scores from third base tying the game at

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Diamond no Ace. It's free and easy to join. Seidou led Houmei High by 4 - 1 in the 7th inning where Sawamura comes to replace Furuya.

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This episode covers chapters 89 to With the help and encouragement of his friends and family he decides to take on his new journey. Will the home run affect Sawamura's confidence? This episode covers from the second half of chapter through the first half of Miyuki advises Sawamura to leave Okumura to him and should rather focus on pitching for the game against east Tokyo's powerhouse Kasuga First. Kataoka discards jersey numbers to assemble a fresh new first string team, stating whoever proves themselves in their performance during the next three months will be chosen. This episode covers chapters through

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Seido begins their rally with the underclassmen. Ranked: 2 2 based on the top anime page. Seeing their methods, Kataoka decides to take action.

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At the top of the seventh, Haruichi is up to bat. Shuuhoku, and Shuuhoku vs. He fights it out with fouls before getting on base with a hit into left field.

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