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Kaede is also forced to bet his own life's worth. Yumeko managed to win 16 votes. She also wants to make her friends feel the same rush as she does. Under the effect of that poison, she starts to lose conscience. Then Mary comes in and tells her about the news, that a group of people came to the academy who all have -bami in their name. He confesses his feelings for her when he states that he wants to be with her and that the risk she's trying to carry by herself is just as much his leaving her flustered. Kaede then pointed the finger at Yumeko. During the Indian poker game, Yumeko also noticed how Nanami and Jun were cheating.

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But Yumeko still wins and Ryota goes after her when she exits the classroom and tells her that he considers dropping out of school due to his diminished social status and his inability to pay off his debt to Mary. Ryota admitted that there wasn't enough time, so he couldn't think of anything. When he thought about how she saved him from the hell of being a house pet, he couldn't help but be ashamed. Rated T to avoid warning.

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Yumeko bets a lot of money and gets very thrilled throughout the game. The next day, Ryota, along with Mary and Itsuki, sit a watch as the match between Yumeko and Yumemi begins. When Mary comes, Yumeko runs towards her excitedly, only to be stopped by Mary.

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But she will have to play with Midari Ikishima , who she still dislikes, which she also clearly shows. He shook his head. Itsuki becomes determined and takes the risk.

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Yumeko quickly sees through that but plays along silently. Ryota is amazed that she remembers that day since it happened a long time ago, and Yumemi explains that she remembers the names and faces of each one of her fans just like any good idol should. Omegaverse AU! But since she didn't know the Tower's secret, Yumeko was able to use the middle stairs and get all the way up, though quite exhausted. Yumeko wins the gambling match leaving Mary with a debt of 8. They meet up in Yumemi's dressing room. She was strong, the way he could never be. They are escorted to the basement where Midari wants to play a dangerous game against her. She waved innocently and he smiled.

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Fully aware he couldn't convince her otherwise, Ryota calms himself down and states that he isn't there to stop her and that he wants the chance to see her gamble from the best seat in the house leaving her surprised to hear him say that. Midari then laughs and decides to do the same and puts two bullets in her gun as well. She then tries to convince Ryota to betray Mary and if he does, she'll give him a syringe to save Yumeko's and another for himself. Your review has been posted.

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Yumeko realizes her opponent was cheating and wins on the very first turn by remembering every card's patterns on the back. Mary blames it on Yumeko because of her loss yesterday before lurking away to earn the money back. Yumeko quickly sees through that but plays along silently. After discarding her first hand, she bets everything and wins, due to having five scissors.

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